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PHICATUBE: Read me first!!!
Welcome to PhicaTube forum.

In this section, you can post only streaming videos, linked from most popular websites like Phicatube, Yuvutu, YouPorn, RedTube, xHamster, xVideos, YouJizz, eFukt, etc.; no blog or private account like tumblr, twitter, ecc. Only streaming site are allowed.
For videos that need to be downloaded, we suggest you to post into
Video Forum section. Please, insert video link and not link of a user profile.

WARNING: some sites, are forbidden on this forum, and links you will post will be automatically replaced by server with the word SPAM. Any redirect made only to cheat anti-spam filter and to post files on forbidden sites will be punished with immediate ban.

Here's a list of forbidden websites features:
- sites that require registration to watch videos;
- sites that include videos hosted on other famous websites;
- sites that earn on visits by referer;
- sites with too invasives ads or with uncontrolled material within them;
- sites that use virus, malwares or malicious scripts.

Remember that you are prompted to enter a thread title explaining the content of the video and to respect all rules included inside the main Rulez of

We also invite you to report any irregularities and broken links, clicking on the icon located at the bottom left of every post.

Staff is at your disposal for every evenience or doubt.​
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